Maharishi Gandharva Veda


Monday, 21st of June, at  8 pm, CET
Online-Concert  organized by „Maharishi Veda Stiftung, Germany“


International Day of Yoga

Monday, 21st of June, 

8 pm, CET
Classical Indian Music for World Yoga Day

We celebrate World Yoga Day with a Maharishi Gandharva Veda concert on June 21, evening at 8 pm CET live from India via Youtube premiere.

International Yoga Day has been celebrated annually on June 21 since 2015, after being established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014.


Great artists from Kolkata – the stronghold of North Indian classical music play online for a worldwide audience.

Prosenjit Sengupta, Sarod

In India, almost everyone knows his music, he is one of the star musicians of Bollywood and has provided music for an infinite number of films.

For us he plays classical North Indian music.

He has performed all over the world, almost everywhere in Europe, also in  Japan, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh and of course everywhere in India.  He is a lecturer at universities in Calcutta and Allahabad.

Indranil Mallick, Tabla

Tabla virtuoso INDRANIL MALLICK combines power, speed and a unique tonality. Widely recognized as one of the leading TABLA PLAYERS of his generation, Indranil’s reputation has spread throughout India, USA, Canada and Europe.
Intensive training since the age of five under eminent masters like Uncle MONTU MALLICK, Prof. DHABOL BANDYOPADHYAY, Shri UTTAM CHAKRABORTY and currently Maestro Pandit SWAPAN CHAUDHURI have shaped INDRANIL’s rich repertoire and justify his reputation in the national and international arena.

INDIAN RADIO & TELEVISION have awarded INDRANIL „A GRADE “ along with distinguished musicians of India.
Praised by connoisseurs & critics for his solo performances and accompaniment with renowned musicians, INDRANIL was the FIRST TABLA- LAYER to receive the prestigious PANDIT BHIMSEN JOSHI AWARD in 2015

Gandharva Veda

Gandharva Veda is a part of the Vedas and is called the Upa (subsidiary) Veda of Sama Veda and includes the treatise on music and the performing arts.
The Gandharva Veda is based on melodies called ragas. Each raga has its own structure, combining fixed elements with infinite variations. This allows the musician to express all the subtleties of the vibration prevailing at that particular time of day.


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Classical North-Indian Music – Indranil 2013 in Erfurt



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